Why Eversnap?

In 2011, two recent Georgia Tech grads crashed a Jewish Orthodox wedding in Atlanta.

Besides the jump-ropes on the dance-floor, they were surprised by the number of guests who were taking photos with their own phones despite the 4 pro photographers.

They asked their older friends “how do the couple get the guests’ fun photos?”

only the mom emails 10 photos. Another 20 photos showed up on random guests’ Facebooks. — Past Bride

We thought, “what about the rest of the photos?!”

Having a background in mobile apps, they created “Wedding Snap” app: guests can instantly add their photos from their smartphones to one common online album.

Within a year Wedding Snap app was used by 5,000 couples in 50 countries, generating over $400,000 in revenue.

But, after every wedding, guests emailed, called, and asked how they can use “Wedding” Snap for other events?

In 2013, Eversnap was born to capture the complete story of any group experience in a private online album.

Eversnap is NOT another photo-sharing app with cool filters…

Eversnap is a tool for groups of friends
& family to capture the complete story of their private group experience.

Currently, over 100,000 Eversnap albums has been made for every group experience imaginable:

Family, Baby Photos, Fraternity Friends…

Trips, Camping, Skiing, Hiking…

Parties, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Mitzvahs…

This app worked great for my 40th birthday party. For the first time everyone has access to everyone else’s pics! My parents even created an account from their PC and found it easy to use. — Adrienne

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween…

Companies, Organizations, Schools…

Eversnap is

Users can see their friends’ “public” albums and even get to see the complete story of each other’s group experience.

People on Eversnap feel more relaxed to share their photos & videos, because they are sharing them with a private group of relevant friends.

Only 1 out of every 10 photos taken will ever get to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

For every 1 photo from a group experience that is uploaded to Facebook, 15 get uploaded to Eversnap.

If Instagram is the place to see a Snapshot of your friend’s experience… if Facebook is the place to see a Summary of your friend’s experience…

Eversnap is the place to see the Complete Story of your friend’s life experiences.