What I Learned From Coming Out

The other day I did something I have feared for my entire adult life. The moment had come. I could wait no longer.

I came out.

Not in the way that you may think. My coming out had to do with coming out of hiding, a hiding that had plagued my existence since I could remember.

All it took was a camera and an internet connection.

I recorded a video and posted it up on Facebook, a venue I hadn’t connected to in many years. In posting the video I had to overcome my extreme fear of being exposed, of being judged.

I pressed record. For the first time in my adult life I shared this truth:

I have been in hiding. I have been in hiding because of a rift caused at age seven.

A seven year old who in the stares of his young peers mistakenly read judgement. And that seven year old decide in that instant that he should hide.

Until the day just recently where I recorded that video, a coming out of sorts explaining that up until then I was living through the eyes, the fears of that little boy.

Then the most surprising and beguiling and extraordinary thing happened.

My peers, people from my past and present, those people whom I feared — yes, again I admit to the fear — did not react with judgement or disdain.

It was nothing of the sort.

I resist using the words I’m about to use, but they are the truth. When I shared my truth, truth was returned my way in the form of love.

So I ask you now:

What do you fear? And for how long should it run our lives?

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