Silicon Valley’s Unchecked Arrogance
Ross Baird

How do you enable people? Stop disabling them! In a thousand different ways people are suppressed, oppressed, and thwarted, and Silicon Valley isn’t the only culprit. A lot of energy goes into this, what a waste! Is it really a necessity that software eat the world? Social media has divided ordinary people and destroyed community. People wanted to connect, that’s why they turned to social media, but toxic messaging and inane ads are what you get when you reach out. What about teaching people to grow their own food, start their own schools, and be given the basic facts about what’s happening in their world? Without an understanding of actual conditions, people will never be able to solve the problems they face, you can’t solve what you can’t see, as you pointed out. But we are mislead, lied to, tricked and manipulated at every moment. Nor has Google democratized information, quite the opposite! The Internet used to be an arena of ideas, now it’s the podium of power. Yes, entrepreneurs are solving frivolous problems, and its maddening to those of us facing real problems, who can’t access adequate food or education or healthcare, who fear daily for the future of our children, and feel helpless and hopeless in the face of these injustices. Power is losing its moral center…