I agree that this may be enough to put many people on the safe side of the addiction line, but I…

Oh, absolutely! My comment wasn’t meant to be a neat summation of the complexities of addiction, but more in the context of the picture and what I read in it and in Cheryl’s comments about it. Nor was it meant to be a blanket prescription “work and purpose” will straighten those addicts out. Community, support, true social networks, along with work and purpose, are some of the many things that have been destroyed in our modern life, but I do think we have an instinct or drive for work, just like all organisms, including my rescued house bunny, who would go insane if he couldn’t “work” creating his tunnels and digging, even though there is no necessity for them, as all his needs are provided for. It’s a drive, and addiction fills it, and many times people losing work turn to substances.