Delusions of Gilead
Cathy Young

Critiquing the Hulu series through the same lens as the novel isn’t very productive. A very different audience reads social commentary novels. Of course there are moments that make little sense in the context of the original story but Hollywood is catering to something different — ratings, advertisers and now subscriptions.

That said, even in the book there were still elements of rebellion by women in all castes of Gilead society. Just as there has always been and will always be rebellion by disenfranchised members of any society. It takes many forms.

I also think your contention that this could never happen in America today is pretty naive. Fear makes people adapt to incredibly tragic circumstances and right now this country is full of people willing to trade away economic prosperity, their civil rights and more just to stick it to the people they think are undeserving. In an era where this trade is acceptable to half the population, a near future version of gilead isn’t that implausible.

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