Hillary Clinton Uses The KKK To Frighten Black Voters

So the latest crazy campaign 2016 development is Hillary Clinton’s speech in Reno, NV today emphasizing her idea that using the KKK in ads will frighten any possible minority vote away from Trump to run to her side trembling. This campaign is so far in the wingnut hole, that it has to be historically insane. Every day is a new stumble, a new outrage and a new low. I get that she wants to be President really, really badly. I get that she will do anything short of shooting Donald Trump in the head (publicly) to achieve that goal. I get that she’s trying to show that she herself isn’t racist, never ever has been racist and is the beacon of hope for all minorities who feel a certain kind of way about Trump. Except for me, who is disgusted by the whole thing.

She calls her opponent ‘…someone who buys so easily into racially tinged rumors’ but then uses the KKK as a threat to keep blacks and other minorities from running away from her half-baked campaign. I say half-baked, because holding up a tie and ranting about Trump and now creating a campaign that actually features the KKK as a tool to win black votes are not ideas that were completely thought through. I keep seeing things online that claim that Hillary is so far ahead of Trump, that she will win in a landslide. For the first time in my life, I’m actually looking at the electoral college votes, and it looks like she’s ahead. I’m not happy about it, but it’s what I saw. There’s still time, but who knows?

So why use this massive race card to try and win people over? It’s so alienating. I can’t vote for you just because you flash the KKK at me! If anything, I really want to vote for anyone else, because this type of imagery makes me seriously wonder if you just automatically assume that the KKK will frighten me so much that I drop my ballot and run. Um, yeah… I’m not buying into that.

And as far as the claim that Trump and only Trump “is taking hate groups mainstream”? I’ve been hearing about the KKK all my life. I heard about it through newspapers and television, before social media was invented to bring it to me via my cell phone and chromebook screen. That sounds pretty mainstream to me. I doubt that Trump had anything to do with that. Recently, I saw that Ms. Hillary Clinton and Obama have strong ties to a former member of the KKK, Robert Byrd, who was a lifelong Democrat and a senator for 50 years. People voted for this man even though, or maybe because of, his racially tinged past, and he was part of her party, yet no one is supposed to think about that.

If you’re going to use race as a bargaining chip, then tell me, over and over again, what I stand to gain from voting for you. Tell me how I’ll benefit from you being in charge of the country I live in. Tell me how those billionaires in your pocket will help a little gold fall in my life. I’m not an African-American, but I feel that using the KKK imagery is a real slap in the face to the black people who have stuck with the Democratic party. What blacks went through in this country when the KKK were free to ride through their towns and terrorize them shouldn’t be used for this type of cheap shock tactic. It’s insensitive and contemptuous.

Even more than the pandering claim that she always uses hot sauce (I heard her say that while sitting at the dentist’s office. I thought, ‘What has hot sauce got to do with running the country? Oh right, black people are only interested in hot sauce being in the White House. How stupid of me’), the heavy handed use of the KKK imagery is just another way of revealing the place that Hillary Clinton thinks black voters come from; the plantation. Hot sauce eating, KKK fearing slaves beware! I know I’m supposed to feel like she’s telling me some huge, horrible truth about Donald Trump, but I really feel like she just called me a nigger.