A styling set that I created in 10 minutes on the Polyvore app.

I Automated My Blog With Polyvore’s Styling App And Doubled My Followers

Faith Bowman
Aug 12, 2016 · 4 min read

When I started blogging I had two intentions; the first was to make fun of fashion and style blogs and the second was to showcase my photography skills. After 3 years and many experiments, I finally decided that it was no longer a joke and that I didn’t need to worry so much about creating original content, or trying to do photo shoots. So in January of 2016, I made a resolution- do less and create more through automation. I was tired of looking for designers and brands to work with for clothing and makeup, and dead tired of dealing with people or trying to pretend that I cared. It was just too draining. So I turned to Polyvore, and it was the best decision I ever made for my blog.

A prompted styling set for Polyvore that doubled as a blog post

I had signed up for Polyvore in 2015, but never used the app because I was too caught up in creating original creative content. I was so used to arranging shoots, that it never occurred to me to use an app to create styling images. Fashion photographers, models and stylists are always hard at work looking to network and make connections, and with my newfound blogger’s perk of access to beauty and clothing brands, it was second nature to try and keep doing things the ‘analog’ professional way. After awhile I realized that I was burned out, and that I had run through all my contacts and came out on the other side literally hating people. It was time to give up and get a life, which using Polyvore allowed me to do.

A prompted styling set from Polyvore for summer 2016

Polyvore has everything I could possibly need to pull, and would forget. Every accessory, makeup, jewelry, every kind of clothing from high street to couture. It is a lifesaver, and it also keeps me engaged in making content. At first I was so giddy that I could create a styling set in minutes that I was publishing three times a day. If I’m stuck for an idea, there are always inspiration prompts, either from Polyvore itself or from the many groups on the site. It’s styling on a whim, which is amazing to me. There’s no stress! It set me free to do what I love doing best, creating fashion.

A styling set that includes a watch from Henry London, a brand I worked with briefly

The Polyvore app also lets you add items, so if a brand gives me something, or if I have a product of my own to showcase, I can just add it with the clipper. So instead of just taking photos of a piece that I’m given, I can add it into a fantasy set and give it a touch more exposure. Since the app also does all the hyperlinking and seo for the user, my Polyvore posts garnered more attention, more interaction, and ultimately moved more people to follow me. My following doubled within a month because I was following the path of least resistance and producing the same kinds of sets that other bloggers were making. Being orignal had cost me the following that I had been after. Hilarious, isn’t it?

A home furnishings post

With my time and mind freed from the struggle to create original content, I could turn towards reminding myself that I was only a flesh and blood person, not some fashion phenom. It reminded me that I still had to decorate my apartment, finish some artwork, and find a boyfriend. If a post takes ten minutes, it leaves you 23 hours and 50 minutes to enjoy yourself. I took that time to look for writing work, resumed online projects, and came up with more ways to enrich my real life. I have been dating and found it pleasing. I love it. And my posts more accurately reflect my fashion and styling tastes because I’m not limited by what I actually have on hand. It’s like being the Creative Director of my own magazine, but without the mindbending stress of dealing with other people.

I gave up and automated my content and it literally saved my whole entire life. God bless technology.

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