Why Are Democrats Such Vote Nazis?

It’s funny, if someone told me that I was retarded or crazy for choosing french toast instead of waffles, I’d wonder about them. If somone mercilessly mocked a friend of mine, making fun of their hair or skin tone, I’d be tempted to punch them. If I were hanging out with someone and they were called an orangutan, I’d have to take off my earrings and wade in. Why? Because that’s abusive, bigoted language. Especially when you’re claiming to be a democrat. I mean, how can you be ‘the change that matters’, when all you do is attack?

I used to think that politics was about the people, meaning the citizens that vote, but this election has taught me that it’s the opposite. No matter how high your ideals, or how much you want to believe that America is a glorious utopia of high-minded values, this election has proved once and for all that Democrats are nothing but rumor mongering, mud slinging vote Nazis. I get that Hillary wants to beat Donald, but I don’t get why that includes insulting the intelligence of anyone that doesn’t go along with that plan.

However, regardless of what the Democrats, Independents, and turncoat Republicans think? I still have the right to vote for who I want. Because I have black skin, people start ranting to me about Trump and it always seems to be a massive surprise that I am a Republican and voting for the guy everyone loves to hate. I guess black skin precludes the right to think for yourself.

Personally, I think that’s madly racist, but whatever. I am an American citizen, I have ID, I am legally registered to vote as a Republican and I have every intention of exercising my rights by choosing who I want. But I will admit that it makes me super heated to hear people say that Trump supporters are just dumb and ignorant. Like, hearing it on the radio or on the street then reading it all over social media. And in print media, and on so-called news sites. At every turn I am being told that my choice makes me, Faith Bowman, an idiot.


Google Trump supporter and this is the result.

Now that the conventions are over and the DNC and RNC have made their choices, I am doubling down on my decision. If Trump decides to step down or gets replaced, and there’s a reasonable alternative, then ok. But I won’t be bullied, belittled and strong armed into changing my vote. Hillary Clinton is not who I want for president, so I’m not going to vote for her. It doesn’t make me stupid… it makes me an American citizen with free will.

Crazy that democrats can’t understand that.