Welcoming Torsten Stüber as CTO

We are very excited to announce that Dr Torsten Stüber is joining us as Chief Technology Officer. Torsten holds a PhD in Computer Science, awarded Summa cum laude by TU Dresden, Germany in 2011.

Dr Torsten Stüber, CTO SatoshiPay

In addition to his outstanding academic record — Torsten was awarded TU Dresden’s Lohrmann Medal as Best Computer Science graduate in 2006 and nominated for German Computer Science association Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. Dissertation Prize for his PhD thesis in 2012 — he is an experienced entrepreneur with two prior positions as co-founder and CTO in venture-capital-backed startup companies.

No stranger to crypto

The SatoshiPay team is particularly impressed by Torsten’s own implementation of the popular cryptographic library TweetNaCl in WebAssembly, which according to him is “the fastest library for end-to-end encryption in the browser — even faster than the browser’s native AES implementation.” Kudos!

Torsten’s TweetNaCl in WebAssembly on GitHub

Working on a previous project, Torsten devised and implemented the cryptographic architecture for an end-to-end encrypted chat system and file storage, as well as authoring a technical white paper detailing the project’s software design.

Meinhard Benn, CEO SatoshiPay states:

We are absolutely confident that Torsten is the perfect match for this position and that he will deliver a stellar performance on all of his responsibilities. (No pressure. 😉)

To blockchain and beyond

Torsten on his decision to move into the blockchain space:

I have been very interested in the opportunities of cryptographic technologies for a long time. This year has seen a widespread adoption and public interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. I am convinced that they are here to stay. The time is ripe for me to deep-dive into this field and join a cryptocurrency company.

…and his motivation to join SatoshiPay:

SatoshiPay develops a very promising and innovative solution to finally solve the problem of micro- and nanopayments, based on cryptocurrencies. They have an experienced team of inspiring entrepreneurs and engineers. It is an honour to take on the role of the company’s CTO and to guide and strengthen SatoshiPay’s tech department in the years to come.

When he is not pushing zeros and ones on a computer, Torsten entertains a very healthy lifestyle with plenty of sports, including acrobatic rock ’n’ roll dance and skiing.

Torsten perfectly complements our team — we are looking forward to working with him on bringing an excellent product to market and building scalable infrastructure for our future growth. Welcome!

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