Introducing Satowallet Web Exchange

More Than Just a Wallet…

Satowallet sets to launch it new Web Exchange, with more interesting and exciting features. The Satowallet Web Exchange would be a better and easier way for users to explore the crypto space. With the addition of more coins and tokens to the already listed and a better trading interface, traders from anywhere in the world can enjoy more satisfactory trading experience.

Satowallet Asset Page on the Web Exchange will allow traders easily view their progress and growth on the Exchange. It shows users their balance (available and incoming balance) for all coins they have traded, the estimated value for each coin as well as deposit confirmation level. This page comes with two default views “Favorite Coins” and “Hide Zero Balance”. When you select the favorite coin ticker you get to view coins that have been set as favorite. By selecting hide zero balance only coins with an existing balance in them will be seen. Coin wallet status will also be visible on this page, wherefore traders can view the status of their favorite coins before performing any trade.

Coin and Token projects can also enjoy support for kick up from Satowallet with the launch of the new web exchange. Satowallet IEO Launchpad will embody convenience, cost effectiveness and guaranteed trade volume (rather than hypes) for interested investors.

All competitions, trading contests, bounties, giveaways and other freebies would be announced in the Airdrop page.

Traders will enjoy a faster and more reliable trading experience on the Satowallet Web Exchange. Faster transaction and speedy coin swaps at lesser fees.

The minimum transaction between SatoWallet accounts on the Web Exchange is $20 and this comes with a 0 transaction fee. While the minimum transfer from a SatoWallet account to an external account is $5 at low transaction fees.

Satowallet Web Exchange allows users to personalize the interface to their satisfaction and unique taste. Users can also vote the coin their want to see listed on the Web Exchange as well as unvote the coins they coin rather not have listed on the coin voting page. However, coin voting is restricted to only registered users.

Satowallet new web exchange promises to be interesting for traders as they can enjoy chatting with each other while trading.

Topnotch security measure would also be added on the Web Exchange to ensure that users enjoy the most secured trading experience. The Two Factor Verification (2FA) process as well as Know Your Customer (KYC) would become less manual and more automated making it more stress-free and effortless for users.

With the new and improved Web Exchange, Satowallet is definitely more than just a wallet.

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