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Apr 5 · 2 min read

Why Can’t I Withdraw My Coins?!

Is it normal for users to get frustrated when they can’t withdraw?

Absolutely yes, sometimes they feel they have been hacked. However, the issue of unsuccessful withdrawal can be caused by errors and most times by user negligence of withdrawal instruction.

For a successful withdrawal,

· Users are advised to crosscheck wallet address, use Satowallet Scan Address feature to get the correct address without any mistakes. It is a known fact that majority of coins sent to wrong wallet address on the Blockchain cannot be retraced. Satowallet cannot tell who has possession of it.

· Properly read through for additional withdrawal instructions. Some coins (BCN) mandates that a destination tag is used, in cases where this instruction is neglected the coins could be lost.

· Ensure your withdrawal meets all requirements of the Blockchain Asset to be successfully processed. Bittorrent BTT for example requires that your account is activated with a deposit of at least 0.1TRX before any withdrawal can be confirmed.

· As an extra security level on Satowallet, all withdrawal require you enter an OTP sent to your registered email before withdrawals are confirmed. Kindly White list Satowallet if you do not receive emails.

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