GROESTLCOIN (GRS) Enabled on Satowallet global fiat system with Visa debit card crypto to fiat withdrawals

SatoWallet Exchange is an all-in-one crypto exchange, with a widespread of users in over 140 countries and a range of services from; in app trading, storage, investment, fiat settlement , staking, Swapping and securing user’s Blockchain assets, Satowallet has indeed carved a niche for itself. With Satowallet the newly launched Jiff Trade (Instant 5 sec buy/sell), Fiat and SATOPAY Visa Debit card to be released, Satowallet is set to take over.

Groestlcoin is a secured Blockchain asset popular with almost ZERO fees. With a great team releasing major development every 3 months, it is no wonder that the Coin has stayed afloat and maintained a place in the limelight. Groestlcoin was the first coin to activate SEGWIT.

Satowallet’s partnership with Groestlcoin is set to see the Coin trade with Crypto Pairs; BTC, ETH, DOGE, SATOS, and Fiat settlement; USD, NGN, GBP and EURO for instant buy and sell globally, plus Visa Debit Card crypto to fiat withdrawal to be released


Satowallet Debit Card

With users spread around over 140 countries of the world, Satowallet is set to make crypto liquidity much easier with SATOPAY. SATOPAY is Satowallet Visa Debit Card (Fiat Withdrawal system) accepted anywhere Visa cards are, with a sole aim to give users the opportunity to;

Shop Globally with SATOPAY

Credit your SATOPAY card with funds from your Satowallet Exchange App with GroestlCoin Wallet. Use your card anywhere major cards are accepted.

Online or offline

SATOPAY cards works perfectly well globally online and offline, giving businesses around the world a barrier free transaction.

Global delivery

The SATOPAY Card will be globally distributed to all old and existing Satowallet users on request when released.

Hassle free withdrawals

Never get stranded on cash! Jiff your assets to fiat quickly and make your withdrawals easily at any ATM globally.

Beginning from 29th March 2019, GRS will be available on Satowallet mobile and PC Apps, and users can buy instantly with USD, NGN, GBP and EURO and also with crypto. Buying and Selling takes only 5 seconds and the funds will be available in your wallet through Jiff Trading. Debit card will also be made available upon users request when released in a short while through our banking partners.


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