SATOS Trading Contest: 10,000 SATOS and an IPhone X Giveaway


The Satowallet Exchange Trading Contest which is the first of many others is scheduled to take place between 25/01/2019 1:00 AM to 28/02/2019 1:00 AM (GMT).

Satowallet Exchange would be giving out a total of 10,000 SATOS and an IPhone X as prizes to 10 lucky users worldwide to commemorate the launch of SATOS trade and Satowallet’s latest feature Jiff Trade.

Winners of the competition will be graded on the basis of the total SATOS traded on each competing Satowallet account during the contest (minimum trade value of 500 SATOS daily). SATOS is a base pair to all coins listed on Satowallet Exchange, and for this reason, this contest will be limited to the following trade pairs; BTC/SATOS, ETH/SATOS.

Top 10 traders would receive 10,000 SATOS and an IPhone X as calculated below.

1st position: 1,500 SATOS and an IPhone X
2nd position: 1,200 SATOS
3rd position: 1,000 SATOS
4th-10th position: 6,300 SATOS to be split evenly

Terms and Conditions of Contest:

· Satowallet reserves the sole right to call off or modify the Contest or Contest Rules.

· Satowallet Users participating can only win one prize within this contest.

· SATOS Trade contest rewards will be issued within 7 days post competition.

· Trading volume consists of buys and sells.

· Satowallet reserves the right to disqualify trades or even ban accounts with suspicious activities which includes but not limited to market manipulation.

· Winner can choose to receive the prize of an iPhone in equivalent SATOS value at the exchange rate.

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