Trend Alert — Unicorn Pancakes

The frenzy for colorful food that began in 2016 has no intention to stop in 2017. What started with rainbow, galaxy and purple foods (from bagels to cakes and coffee) continued with sparkly pastel foods that seem to be everywhere around us, because, logically, they have been created with the purpose to be posted on social media. Unicorn hot chocolate, unicorn cheesecake, and unicorn macarons, and all topped with rock candy, sprinkles, marshmallows, and sparkly sweets; you either love them or hate them. There is no in between.

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This crazy trend was initiated by the Unicorn Café in Bangkok, whose décor and menu are inspired by unicorns (in case you wanted to write an angry email).

Unicorn Pancakes

Pancakes have been trying to stay up to date all this time and popped up in all colorful varieties. So here comes the hot new trend — unicorn pancakes. to clear things up, these pancakes won’t get you the mother of the year award because they have not much to offer besides great looks. They are loaded with food coloring and not-so-good-for-you-toppings. However, preparing them from time (special occasions only) to time will not do much harm and your kids will love them for sure. I made them for my daughters first sleepover party and the girls were ecstatic.

So if you want to make unicorn pancakes, start by adding a handful of funfetti into your standard pancake recipe. another option is to add food coloring, but keep in mind that the colors should be pastel, usually pink or light-blue. When it comes to toppings the sky is the limit and you simply can’t go overboard. Start by covering the stack with a load of squirty cream or dairy spray cream then proceed with the following:

- cotton candy
- Lucky Charms
- marshmallows,
- edible sprinkles 
- colored stars
- polka dots
- edible gold or silver glitter

finally, your stack needs to have a horn. Stick a strawberry, 2 raspberries, 2 blueberries and a few marshmallows on a cake pop stick.

Healthy Unicorn Pancake Recipes

Adeline Waugh, a photographer and stylist, demonstrated that attractive food does not necessarily need to be unhealthy. She started an experiment by photographing healthy unicorn foods and posting them on Instagram, thus starting a new food trend.

So, instead of topping your pancakes with squirky cream, use cream cheese, colored with 100% natural food coloring:

• pink — hot beet juice 
• yellow — turmeric 
• green — chlorophyll drops 
• blue — spirulina powder 
• purple — dried blueberry powder

You can use the same ingredients to color the batter as well. Instead of all the unhealthy toppings, choose various berries to place on top and around the stack.

Don’t forget to reduce the level of unhealthiness in the standard ingredients. Use honey instead of sugar for sweetening, non-dairy milk, unrefined vegetable oil, and whole wheat flour instead of bleached all-purpose flour.

Serve your mythical pancakes along with a glass of unicorn drink, i.e. a blue algae latte topped with sprinkles. People who have tried it say that blue algae do not taste so good, but are packed with nutrients that will detox and rejuvenate your body. Enjoy!