Do you own a restaurant, or operate within the marketing sphere of the restaurant industry? Do you know how to use social media to market your restaurant? Or do you fall into the all too common category of ‘Sure anyone can do that’ or ‘I’ll get my children to look after it — they’re always on Social Media’.

It’s a very common problem, and if overlooked, can leave your restaurant lagging behind your competition . As a restaurant, you need be placing your brand in front of your potential clientele; You need to use all the available social tools and…

Instagram Stories is an act of digital and business war.

That’s the only way I can interpret Facebook’s apparent go-forward strategy for tackling Snapchat, a social media juggernaut Facebook once tried to buy. As of today, Facebook appears to be done pursuing Snapchat. It has its own rapidly-growing social media platform, Instagram, that, not-too-coincidentally, appeals to the same highly-desirable and digitally-engaged tween and teen-set. And now that platform includes Instagram has Stories.

Unveiled in July 2016, Instagram Stories is Facebook’s none-too-subtle answer to Snapchat Stories, which lets users daisy-chain 24-hours of Snaps into a story.

Instagram Stories interface looks familiar.

Be different.

It’s not something you hear a lot. In fact, most of us are taught from a very young age that it’s better to tone down the things that make us different, rather than play them up. But according to Fascinate CEO Founder Sally Hogshead, being different is the key to fascinating your customers and making your brand more valuable, desirable and irresistible than your competitors.

Hogshead, whose Sunday evening keynote kicked off this year’s Fast Casual Summit at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott in Dana Point, California, shared the hack for successful branding that she began developing at the…

Restaurant use of social media continues to increase as operators realize the medium’s marketing potential. People of all ages use social media to make dining decisions and share their experiences. But, simply having a social media presence for your restaurant isn’t enough. If you’re investing time and resources into social media, you need to guarantee meaningful results tied to your business goals.

So how can you maximize your social media marketing impact? Employ the EATstrategy:

  • Engage your community.
  • Align with your brand identity.
  • Turn social actions into traffic.

Engage your Community

When it comes to a brand’s social media fan…



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