How Do You Want To Feel?

Why do we go after the things that we desire ?

Why do We want Those Things?

Why ?

We want these things because of the way it makes us feel.

Why do we want those feelings?

We want those feelings either because we think that those feelings are better than the ones we are experiencing at the moment. We think that those feelings will replace the feelings that we used to feel growing up and fill the void.

Sometimes, we make the big mistake of thinking that the things we desire will fill the void or make us feel a certain way.

Sometimes, we make the big mistake of thinking that the things we desire will provide us with that feeling forever, but they realize the feeling is temporary.

Sometimes we make the big mistake of thinking that the things we desire will bring us those feelings, and it does. Although, it also brings other feelings that you may not be able to handle or desire.

So why don’t we make it a priority to already feel these feelings if the chances our desires will bring us these feelings are 50/50 ?

Because we don’t know the feelings exactly and we are lazy.

But, luckily i’m here to help you out.

You see in the photo above, the rappers are by a lamborghini! Say, you want a lamborghini. Why do you want one ? You want to drive fast? So you want to feel Adventurous. You want to be that guy with a Nice, Expensive Car? So you want people to look at you as successful or you want to feel successful. Now you know your feelings and all you have to do is generate these feelings everyday by doing small things. You shouldn’t stop working towards a lamborghini but doing this everyday should let this feeling motivate you and it will attract what your trying to bring closer to you. Also, even if you don’t get what you want(which is impossible), you will program that feeling in your body so it wouldn’t matter.

Now when Asking yourself why you want the things you want, and what you want to feel you have to be honest to know if you truly want it. If your saying you want a lamborghini so girls can like you so you can feel cool, you know that you will attract a lot of money hungry girls which could stir up feelings of insecurity when she breaks your heart. So maybe you don’t need the Lamborghini to the Girl. You just need to ask yourself why you want to get the Girls? So you can feel cool? well practice feeling cool, and then the girls will like you. Simple.

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