The Mentality That Led Diddy To Become a Near Billionaire

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Sean John Combs AKA “Diddy” or “Puff Daddy” is an American entrepreneur, rapper, songwriter, actor, record producer, and business man! He has won three Grammies, two MTV music video awards, and has produced MTV’s “Making The Band.” He has an estimated net worth of 820 Million and is now working on buying the North Carolina Panthers.

His accomplishments are only a small part of what makes him so special. His drive, determination, skills, and mindset is the true essence around him.

His Mentality is what has got him so far and successful in his life. These are the 5 principles he goes by and why they are so powerful in creating your own empire.

Working hard isn’t enough

Working hard is only 25% of what makes you successful. It is not the only thing you have to do to get to your goal, there is more to it. There are more factors applied to what makes people master and become the best at what they do. This includes prudence, perfectionism, and organization. Prudence is the ability to work smart, because you could be working hard but be doing all the wrong things. Perfectionism is the obsession of mastering your craft, double checking and making it perfect. Organization is the ability to organize your day, minimize distractions, and keep everything in line.

Don’t be a follower

Diddy emphasizes on a big idea to worry about yourself when your on the journey to chasing your goal. He mentions a lot of people make the mistake of constantly worrying about what others are doing. He counters with the fact that you could be using this time to better yourself. Diddy jokes that on social media sites you shouldn’t even follow people, just let them follow you. Make sure to always focus on yourself and you’ll make the journey from Road A To Road B a lot quicker.

Marathon Runner Mentality

Diddy mentions in some of his talks how he runs marathons frequently and trains for them. He uses this fact to justify his philosophy on how he goes after his dreams. He has mentioned he is not a sprinter when it comes to going after his dreams. He is on the long road, he doesn’t want to reach success quickly, because then you can lose it just as quick. He is always willing to take the long road instead of the short cut. This is due to the fact that taking the long road while chasing dreams leads to longevity. It allows you to become wiser and learn more, and know things from the inside out.

No Ego

When chasing your dreams there should be no ego involved. You shouldn’t be worried about how you look to others. You shouldn’t come with too much pride. You should be natural and know where your going. Do things for the right reasons when chasing your dream. You should not chase your dream because you want things like money, clothes, cars, and girls. Those things will not motivate you(maybe for a little, but it will not last). There are bigger things in the world, realer things in the world that can push you farther. This can be doing things to make an impact on others, or doing things because you love it. That in itself will push you farther than any money, or fame ever could.

Believe in God and Then Yourself

Belief is a powerful thing that can accelerate you on the course to your dreams. Believe in yourself or nobody will. Doubting yourself when it comes to your goal will create so much resistance and will make you lose power. Believing in a source bigger than you can help in so many ways. No matter what you do, whatever happens is happening by the grace of god. This means that getting him involved in your goal, and making it bigger than yourself can make it happen.

Be aggressive

Be aggressive when it comes to going after you dream rather than passive. Be willing to talk to people, go out everyday, ask questions. Be the person that annoys the hell out of your mentor when it comes to learning new things. Be the person that is eager to take whatever action necessary.

Lastly, FEEL the Power Of You

Power is one of those things you have to build in life. The most powerful people are usually the most successful. These people are not powerful because of their success, but successful because they were powerful. People sometimes think to be powerful you have to Reach Some Success at first, but actually it is the opposite. You actually have to reach a lot of failure to get to where you can feel Powerful. Diddy mentions how he still fails every single day even though he is successful. It is in our toughest moments of challenge we get see our true power. If your life has no daily challenges you can never really see your full power and potential, you just stay stationary. You have to cultivate knowledge+action towards your goals to get to be very powerful and confident in ANY field. Learn a lot and then take action on what you’ve learned to see if it works for you, adjust, repeat! Knowledge+Action=Power.

These are only a few pieces of what makes diddy Mentality. Apply these pieces and maybe you can be the best version of yourself.

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