There was a Recent Death In Dallas This Month….

Why You are Running Out Of Time.

I don’t know this kid But I’m from Dallas and He was All over My social Media, and The News this Past month.

I knew of him From A Post he posted a while ago, that blew up, it was Him Giving a Kid a pair of Jordan’s because he was getting bullied for having one Pair Of shoes.

Ledajrick Cox Was His Name, He was Killed.

He was Shot.

A Few Hours After …

Graduating High School.

He was Shot after an Altercation That had occured at a Gas Station with Some People he didn’t know, News Sources says He was trying to Break it up.

When everything settled down. They ended up, Following the car he was in with 4 others and shot it up.

I didn’t know him personally but it reminded me the times I ask God why does he take the good away so Young.

I don’t know why but I used to think the More good things you did, the longer you could live, and the more blessing you can Get. I used to think God wouldn’t take your life away if You were a good person.

Fact of the matter, God Will. We are all sinners and God loves all of Us, but When god makes us we have a time stamp. We all have a purpose for our life, and We sometimes mistake our purpose for our interests, what other people want us to be, but No…

Our Purpose is our Purpose.

“God Why do you take away my Niggas? What did they do To deserve this ?”

I used to ask God.

They have served their purpose.

The time we die is predetermined, there is no way we can Increase the time we have on earth. God will take your life any second

Your running out Of Time

Are you Ready for Your Blessing ?

Ask yourself if God gave you your dream Tommorow, would you be Prepared to take it?

You don’t have all the time In the world.

Your dreams are coming sooner than you think.