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What a great research! I’ve been dealing with click fraud for a while now and also been trying to figure out how exactly Google choose “valid” vs “invalid” clicks, I’d love to connect with you to learn more about how would you go about conducting an open study, in the meantime we’ve actually developed a pretty cool tool to help AdWords advertisers fight the fraud, its called

After trying out few of the solutions that are available, I realized that also they don’t do much good so I decided to build my own.

Our tool know to identify fraudsters according to their behavior, digital signature, and we can even predict at a very high success rates if a user came from a VPN or a proxy server, so even if someone is trying to mask their identity with a real user malware infected computer we can find them and block them.

Segah Meer, I’d love to chat with you about that proposed test, we’re all about the data!!

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