Introducing the Hashgraph DeFi Alliance

SaucerSwap Labs, Stader Hedera, and HeadStarter — the leading DeFi protocols natively built on Hedera — reiterate their commitment to the network through the formation of a symbiotic alliance. The central premise of the Hashgraph DeFi Alliance, or HDA, is to collaborate in areas that will offer support to both existing Hedera crypto projects and cross-chain projects seeking to migrate to the ecosystem.

The HDA will provide a cohesive and holistic approach, helping to streamline the efforts of project development on Hedera. This accelerates growth of the ecosystem such that Hedera’s objective of establishing itself as a leading L1 distributed ledger is realised. As a first step in symbolising this commitment, the HDA will launch its own website, enabling the onboarding of new members, and coordinating workgroups while featuring existing and new members.

Stader is a multi-product platform which offers options for different customer segments to participate in staking. Users can further participate in different DeFi protocols by leveraging liquid tokens for borrowing or providing liquidity. HeadStarter is an IDO Launchpad & Accelerator of the Hedera Ecosystem. Both of these platforms serve as accessible onboarding ramps for users and projects alike. SaucerSwap is a DEX that offers a full suite of DeFi services and serves as a logical endpoint for liquidity from both Stader and HeadStarter. Users can compound their returns by providing liquidity in the form of HBARX (Stader’s liquid token), while projects who choose to IDO on HeadStarter can thereafter create a liquid market for their token by means of Community Pools and subsequent yield farms. Hence each founding member is intertwined, having made important contributions in building the foundation upon which Hedera DeFi will flourish.

The HDA will further propel this symbiosis by ensuring a sustainable trajectory for the ecosystem. The ongoing focus of seeking and helping the highest quality projects will remain a focus of the Alliance. While our combined expertise will unlock numerous avenues, our primary goal is to safeguard the trust our communities have bestowed upon us.

The pledge below articulates the overarching purpose of the HDA. These tenets underpin the vital areas unanimously believed to be required for the success of DeFi on Hedera.

  1. Define standards for the building of Hedera-based DeFi dApps and protocols

2. Develop and design tooling resources for development on Hedera

3. Release open-source material to accelerate compounded innovation

4. Compile research about DeFi on Hedera and formulate strategic SDK feature prioritisation

5. Enable knowledge-sharing and development of new entrants for a harmonised discourse for building on Hedera

6. Collaborate on joint media outreach efforts which highlight Alliance achievements and projects

7. Nurture social media outreach for the Alliance in spreading educational content for growing market penetration of Hedera projects into wider audiences and driving new users and developers to Hedera

8. Establish a calendar circuit of events for Hedera First hackathons, educational conferences, associated PR coverage, and other Alliance driven activities

9. Work in collaboration to foster a long-lasting culture of inclusivity, fairness, and transparency

10. Explore interoperability with other decentralised networks

11. Structure a path towards enabling Alliance growth and ensuring members’ needs are met

In this hypercompetitive industry, cooperation within the Hedera ecosystem is more important than ever. The HDA will foster this, creating value for each project member and delivering more than the sum of its parts to the Hedera community in every way possible.



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