What to pack for your photography trip in 2017?

The good old days have passed, where you must cary a DSLR camera and heavy tripod to take a raw photo for yourself or the nature around you.

Efficiency, is the concept of doing things in least available/specific resources.

In our case, we want or wish to travel with:

  1. light & compact camera that takes great quality images
  2. light camera’s accessories (tripod…etc)
  3. Editing device (e.g. laptop that has photoshop, adobe premier for photo and video editing)

If you are a pro-photographer or frequent hobbyist, you will find that all 3 points are your dream list for your ultimate trip. However, today you will be granted your dream to become reality.

  1. instead of heavy duty DSLR camera, which will be costly and limited in capabilities, take an action camera like GoPro Hero 5 black or YIi4K or YI4K+. You can buy 2 or 4 unites of thise action cameras for the price of one DSLR from Canon or Nikon. Plus, you will be able to take several video shots, time-lapse, and photos (limited in editing tolerance) with efficiency.
YI4K+ | YI4K | GoPro Hero 5 Black
  1. Since you are using light & compact action camera, then by default you are buying light camera accessories and cheaper time-lapse equipments. (check my post)
  2. Use an iPad pro 12.9 or 10.5 inches for photo and video editing. and those are the recommended apps by me:

For Photo Editing: Lightroom , PS Express , Photoshop Fix, and for your Raw photos use PhotoRaw.

For Video Editing: Splice , Quik , Filmmaker Pro, iMove, Magisto

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