Colored Center Stone Engagement Rings Are Better Than Traditional Diamonds

By Boris Tesker for Saugus Jewelry

Diamonds are classic, timeless and beautiful, which is probably why that saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” was created. But they’re also what everybody else has. These days, it’s all about originality and showing off what sets you a part from the rest and fashion is the perfect way to do that.

To go one step further, you can ditch the traditional diamond ring and opt for something totally unique like a colored gem! Here are 3 reasons why you should forgo a white diamond ring and add some color to your life:

Show off your individuality

Everyone else has traditional diamond rings, which is the perfect reason to set yourself a part and get a colored one. Not only will you add some personality to your ring, but you’ll also get complimented on its uniqueness. Why follow everybody else when you can make a splash of a statement about your individuality by rocking a colored ring like a blue diamond engagement ring? No only will you get lot of complements on your standout ring, but you also might start a new trend among your friends! Many even prefer the look of a 14K gold black diamond ring to any traditional one that are on the fingers of millions of other women in the world! To choose a great color, it’s best to pick one that matches your own fashion color preferences. Even though there are a variety of shades for stones, a blue diamond might not be in your budget, but a deep blue sapphire can be.

Celebrities are opting in to color

Many of your favorite celebrities already know how amazing colored diamonds are. Jennifer Lopez had a six-carat pink diamond ring that many have copied, with other celebrities like Mariah Carey, Anna Kournikova and Carrie Underwood jumping on the fashionable trend. More and more notable A-listers have taken notice and loved how different it looked and have since then opted for their own color diamond ring, with a blue diamond engagement ring a popular choice among celebrities. If Hollywood loves it, then you should, too!

The art of pairing your center stone to a perfect setting

Women love to style and mix and mach outfits to see what looks best, and trying to find the best setting to complement a colored diamond is just as fun and exciting as trying to come up with a new outfit. Although many like Platinum, it’s totally acceptable to choose another precious metal that will complement the color and style of the gem you choose. Many are also going with a 14K gold engagement ring, instead of its white gold counterpart. You’d be surprised at how beautiful gold looks with certain colored gems (think a rich chocolate diamond paired with a stunning yellow gold setting or a canary yellow diamond meshed with a gold setting). You can spend hours trying to find the right setting for your gemstone engagement ring, which is fun for many women.

White diamond engagement rings have been favored over colored gemstones for years, so it’s really refreshing to see color making a huge comeback! For brides looking for something unique, a colored gem or diamond is the perfect way to show off their personal style.

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