Why I Think I Should Marry a Rich Man
Emma Lindsay

This article reads like it was written by a tantrum-throwing eighth-grader whose Daddy didn’t buy her tickets to the latest Twilight movie. It displays a sense of entitlement and bitterness only seen in leftist white women in western countries. I hope the author didn’t get paid for it, since taking money for work performed is the height of “patriarchy” capitalism. Any rich man steers wide and clear of any woman who embraces feminism, leftism, and has a general hatred of the very system in which he became rich. This tome of tears is proof that the feminist of today secretly desires all the trappings of a stable home, with a strong man leading it, and the supplicant wife keeping it and raising children, but is too unstable, ideological, and poisoned to accept and embrace the blessing and rewards of the natural order of humanity.