2016 Resume DOs and DON’Ts

Your resume will NEVER get you the job. The only thing your resume can do is get you an interview. Once you get to the job interview, you must act as though your resume never existed and it is up to you to verbally communicate your fit for the job.

The best way to land the job of your dreams is to get the interview from your network. When someone that can speak to your work refers you, the resume is more of a formality. If you are going in cold, you may not have any other choice than to submit cold. If that is the case, you need the best resume possible.

Make sure your resume fits these guidelines.

What does “best resume possible” mean?

Adding in your most current job to the resume you had from 2 or more years ago is not your best resume for 2016. Your audience now scans and most likely will not read your resume until 10 minutes before your interview. Your resume must be optimized for scanning.

Here are some resume DOs and DON’Ts

Do not use a functional resume. Someone convinced you to use a functional resume. A “functional” resume starts with a big summary of skills and accomplishments and then just lists the jobs. This has come to mean that the candidate has no recent relevant skills and is trying to use a “summary” tactic as a trick. Tricks work once or twice then they become red flags.

Do use a chronological resume. Use bullets instead of paragraphs and company descriptions under each company. Your audience wants to know what you did and where you did it.

Do not use puffery. In Real Estate, this word is quite common. It refers to listing a property with too many descriptive phrases and adjectives vs. just stating the facts. Why even say “cozy?” We know it means not enough room to turn around. Puffery in a resume will send the message that you have nothing substantial to offer.

Do start each bullet with an action verb not an adverb.

Do not toss in your most recent job. This is one of the most common errors made by 6 figure professionals. If your most recent job is not the star of the show, it will send a message that either you were too lazy to put any thought into your most recent resume update, or you just hung out and got a pay check. Neither of which will get you the job interview.

Do make sure your most recent job is the star of the show and sends the message that your career is on an upward trajectory.

Do not make errors. Whether it’s “typos,” “first person” wording, or formatting errors, these types of mishaps can give the impression that you have no attention to detail or you really don’t care. For many scanners and readers, errors pop off the page like a sore thumb.

Do ask someone with a good eye to proof your resume because it is nearly impossible to proof your own work as the eyes have a tendency to see what they think we wrote.

Do not let your resume hurt your chances of getting what could be the ideal job. Take some time and do it right!

Don’t have the time?

It does not need to take very long if you follow the right process. The Quick and Easy Resume Updater Guide, which includes the 2016 Resume Makeover Checklist, will walk you through the resume updating process in 30 minutes or less. If updating your resume is on your “to do” list for 2016, download The Quick and Easy Resume Updater Guide now.

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