What Excites Me

As lame as it may sound to those of you reading this who hate what you do for a living, I am one of those annoying people who is really excited about the work that we do at Evofem Biosciences. On a serious note, I grew up in rural Maine in a family of farmers, so I have a Mainer’s intimate perspective on how poverty impacts the family—especially how it impacts women and girls. Here’s what I’ve come to believe: reproductive and contraceptive access are paramount to the economic and social empowerment — and equality — of women. Financial independence, even at the smallest level, and even if it means a baggy with some cash under your mattress just in case, is crucial for a woman to maintain personal power. On top of that — and equally critical — is access to safe, affordable contraception, so women can navigate their fertility. Having babies by choice, not chance, is game-changing for women to create the life they want and to create the best life for the children they do choose to have.

The challenge is that much of the world, the U.S. included, fails to provide women with access to safe reproductive health resources and contraception — either by legislation, or simply by not making these tools and services sufficiently affordable and convenient. I envision a world of limitless possibilities for girls, women, and their families, based around this simple question: What if women had complete control over if, how, and when they have children?

What if every woman had access to the contraceptive method of their choice?

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to maintain our support of girls and women by protecting and advancing their reproductive and contraceptive health options. As CEO of Evofem Biosciences, my team and I are committed to making this a reality for every woman, regardless of age, income, or ethnicity. Now let me put that in context.

In the pharmaceutical world, “women’s healthcare” usually means one thing: a company marketing the same gynecological products that have long been available. There is little real innovation in the field, and even less of a commitment to meeting women’s most urgent unmet needs. Evofem Biosciences is the rare exception, which is why I LEAPT at the opportunity to lead the team in pursuit of our mission. Evofem was exclusively conceived to advance and empower women. We pride ourselves on listening to, advocating for, and understanding women. Women manage their fertility for decades, but many women don’t have sex every day — so they wonder why they are taking a medication to prevent pregnancy every single day. However, we know women change their contraception 2–4 times during their window of fertility. They’re not willing to settle — nor should they be. This is why we have invested in the development of a hormone-free, on-demand contraceptive gel. A hormone-free option ensures that the side effects that impact women’s quality of life are mitigated. Our goal is to introduce innovation that puts power into the hands of women. We know that male condoms, a mostly male-controlled contraceptive, leave women, at times, with less of a say in the safety of their sexual encounter. A woman-controlled product that is used on-demand can help in reducing the risks women are forced to take in their sexual relationships. Our goal is to trust that women will protect themselves if they are given access to the right products.

As a woman, as a mother of a adolescent boy, and as a CEO, I invite you to get to know Evofem Biosciences, and to follow our journey innovating on women and girl’s behalf. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

To a better future for women and girls everywhere!

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Evofem Biosciences is a biotechnology company developing and commercializing contraceptive options for women, with environmental sustainability and female empowerment at the forefront of our practices. This is rooted in the belief that women should be in complete control over the reproductive health products they choose to use, so we offer on-demand, women controlled products.