“Because Peanuts can’t Sell on their Own…”

Life in Jakarta, Indonesia is different kind of struggle. 14th January 2016 in the morning, Jakarta were attacked by suicide bombers. Everyone were surprised. It’s been a long time since the last terrorist attack in Indonesia. IS claimed responsible for this attack. The police said earlier that this attack was trying to imitate Paris attack.

But for Indonesian somehow have their own perspective. Many people gathered around the bombing site at the same morning.

Police in action at this morning attack (Cred: radixhidayat)

You can see many worldwide media reported this issue. By this time anyone who read this may already know about our #KamiTidakTakut hashtag, meaning: ‘we are not afraid,’ something which is quite true.


Well, it was morning, and some people have not got any breakfast yet. And some people need to work for living. Just like this man who was only 100 meters from the bombing site

Selling Satay for Living, can’t Leave his Booth
Citizen report

And, he’s not the only one

Opportunity to Sell Peanuts

And it does not end there, there is another policeman who also became celebrity, and started another trending topic #KamiNaksir, means ‘We are crushing,’


No one knew who he was and everyone keep tweeting about him to find out who is this gorgeous policeman. Later, national news found him (Another side of Sarinah Bomb, Gorgeous Policeman http://news.okezone.com/read/2016/01/14/337/1288484/sisi-lain-bom-sarinah-ramai-polisi-ganteng-di-sosmed)

It is just different in Jakarta. Everyone is literally not afraid. Everyone have something to do, something important. Life need to go on. Such a distraction attracted a lot of crowds (they just curious to see on their own, action movie live!).

Food seller still saw this as an opportunity. Nothing that can they do anyway, maybe that’s their main selling area. The satay seller have thought about running but he said ‘I cannot leave my booth just like that,’. (The Story of Satay Seller who Keep Grilling in the Middle of Bombing in Sarinah http://megapolitan.kompas.com/read/2016/01/14/17411361/Cerita.Tukang.Sate.yang.Tetap.Mengipas.di.Tengah.Ledakan.di.Sarinah). So does peanut seller, and gorgeous-man spotter.

To close this post, here is another picture

Business at the yellow line