Sports Prediction & Online Gaming

Almost everyone on this planet loves sports.

Even though most sports lovers do not get/have/find the time to play sports actively; leave aside pursuing sports as their career; they definitely enjoy it big time by at-least becoming spectators of their favorite sports and being proud supporters of their favorite sports’ team(s)/player(s).

Not only this, almost each and every sports enthusiast also loves the act of predicting while watching/enjoying their much loved sports. As a matter of fact, the very group-discussion where everyone in the group predicts the end result of a running game; supporting the same with his/her arguments strongly backed by his/her own deep-understanding and ages-long-observations of the team(s)/player(s)/etc.; exponentially increases the fun of watching any given running sport/game.

In order to highly accurately predict in any given sport, one needs to have a precise (both wide and deep) understanding of all the aspects pertaining to the given sport — some aspects that the predictor would be having mastery are current performance level of the team, current performance level of captain of the team, ground conditions (especially for a sport like cricket), venue, behavior of the crowd, climate, etc. In fact, a novice may find it pretty hard to be accurate in predicting because of the acute complexity of these factors. But, at the end of day, it is this complexity that makes predicting, exciting & fun.

One mobile app (a prediction game) that lets sports lovers to predict the end results of all the matches of the popular sports leagues of Cricket, Football, Hockey, Kabaddi; and many more to come; is ‘Prediction Guru’. One important aspect of this app/game is that it is not a gambling tool, as all the coins/currencies used in this app/game are virtual money.

The app has been built by my friend’s company Prediction Guru (, helped pro-bono by my company Crazy Emperor (

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Play… Predict… Enjoy…

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