Why should every Entrepreneur take up the inward journey before starting-up?

Saurav Panda
Mar 30, 2016 · 3 min read

Entrepreneurship is the most celebrated keyword in the present time and it should be. Because it is something which helps in creating best out of everything, be it human potential or society as a whole. It breaks the previous rules to create new and better ones. It also gives wings to dreams which could have been crushed but it taught to keep those dreams alive, somehow.

Everyone has their own definition of Entrepreneurship which is for good. But somehow, the problem arises. Then it becomes more and more difficult to understand the true spirit of entrepreneurship and searching over the internet for its real meaning is the starting point of a journey to define the keyword and understand it truly. Then starts the process of reading numerous books, meeting numerous people in a variety of events, listening to them about their experiences, getting inspiration from them to do something they couldn’t / didn’t want to do, exchanging business cards and the list can go on. What one gets by doing all these things is the knowledge of doing a certain type of things without actually doing them. Then the fellow takes the cue from the acquired knowledge and tries to implement them to a totally different scenario. Most of the time it results in failure and it drags that fellow into self-doubt about their capabilities. The amount of self-doubt / diminishing self-confidence is directly proportional to the number of times above mentioned steps have been repeated. The only way to break this vicious cycle is by putting breaks on the speed of outward journey for a certain amount of time and start the process of the inward journey of self- realization. Let me explain with a short story!

Once there was a guy who was an Indian working with a global private banking major and was living near scenic swiss alps. Life was almost as good as shown in the movie DDLJ. But somehow he realized his Swades moment and decided to come back to make a positive change in the lives of his fellow countryman. He always thought of the world as flat, people as compassionate, understanding and genuine. He figured out that Entrepreneurship is the easiest way to make an impact on lives of millions and billions of people. With the hope of making a difference, he started his journey. As his journey progressed, he started reading numerous books, met famous people in a variety of events, listened to them, took inspiration from them and started applying all those things he has learned from all of the above. Suddenly he found his journey to be way more complex than thought and he started questioning his own judgment. He was going wrong in almost all of the times. His frustration started piling up which in turn started to impact his personal life. He was going through all this when by chance he was introduced to the process of self-realization. As he started his inward journey, he started discovering more about himself, his true self, who he is, what is his intention for life, what he wants from life. He also started to understand the true meaning of words like perseverance, self-control and confidence. He started to understand that all wrong things in his life didn’t happen because of wrong advice but because of wrong interpretation of that piece of advice. Now he started realizing the true difference between knowledge and wisdom, the situations when and whom to say NO, how to maintain a work-life balance irrespective of the situation. As he progressed more on the inward path, his intellect has slowly started to respond to the outside situation in a much better and crisper way, which in turn is helping him in turning negative emotions into positive one.

The story finishes here as this is what is known about that guy till date. The journey has just started for him and he has promised to update about the latest happenings as his life progresses. The most fundamental question which remains to be asked is “Is it not true that all those above mentioned points about self-realization are the signs of outstanding leaders / entrepreneurs? “ If yes, should people who chose to trade the path of entrepreneurship focus on the inward journey first before embarking on the outward journey?

The writer is chief growth hacker at Epecate, an upcoming social educational network to bridge the gap between education and employment. He writes to express himself. He can also be found expressing his personal views at @Saurav_P.

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