Mix & Match: 3 Ways to Dress Up a Hoodie.

You can create a very smart wardrobe made of different bits and pieces with a small budget. You can mix various items together and create different looks. Instead of buying tons of clothes and pack your cupboard with unnecessary junk think twice how you can play with your wardrobe and make it work cheap but stylish for you.

Here are some tips for you how to wear a basic sweatshirt and create a 3 different outfit using the different prints.

1. Pullover Hoodie

Savage Sport Pullover Hoodie — Mix & Match

“Savage Sports” design Sweatshirt (£30) one of the classic designs from Savage London, well known for years and it perfectly matches with sweatpants and trainers. Add a touch of accessories like a Savage London sport bag (£25) which will fit all your worldly goods.

2. Zip Up Hoodie

Savage Zip Up Hoodie — Mix & Match

What should I wear today? Sounds familiar to you? Well don’t panic, believe me or not but the same pants and shoes look brilliant with our Savage Zip Up Hoodie (£35). We have 5 colours of Savage print and 4 colours of hoodies. You can build your choice based on the rest of the colours of your wardrobe. Why not use Union Flag designs and colours to add a bit of excitement to the look. If you have the shoes then we have the Union Flag bag to match, at only £25.00

3. Sweatshirt

Art is Energy Sweatshirt — Mix & Match

Savage London’s famous Art is Energy, Battersea Power Station, sweatshirt design looks brilliant when put together with a bit of thought. And it only costs £30.00. The sweatshirt can be a very stylish workhorse for you which makes a big statement at the same time. It’s warm and cosy and also looks fabulous with a classic shoes and bag. If you don’t like heather colour we have for you an options of black and navy.

Playing with different style of your wardrobe is a practical thing, its creative and fun. So following these 3 easy principles you can mix and match the rest of your wardrobe and always be a rocking any Savage would.