Migme grows its 2015 revenue fivefold and MAUs to 32m — Lie to cover up losses and fake projections.

migme is low class social network based in east asia and middle eastern, just few south african and east euro. the population full of low class and uneducated people which unable to purchase smartphone or PC. migme is easy handy application on the phone. im afraid migme is going to be dead by the end of this year, in the real world we figh discrimination and racist. only in migme, they support and protect someone who bully, insult and being racist to the users and still willing to give them power what in migme called migme chatroom moderator, and still give them credit. offical, celebrity and verified id on migme are own by normal migme user with migme staff trust. if we complaints againts migme on their miniblog, they will inactive the id. im pretty sure currently the active user on migme are not more than 20k, which is decreasing day by day.