Our Senior Finance Officer Rami Mohamad tells us how we don’t always need a calculator to get the right results.. AND discusses special passion for cinema..

The numbers don’t lie, it is said. But don’t always be obsessed with calculations, Rami’s response comes.

Because the events he experienced over the past few years have inspired him to ‘’take things as they come by and make the best out of any situation.’’

When Rami joined Save the Children back in 2014, he thought it was a transitional period that would last no longer than few months.

‘’I thought I was moving on, but I fell in love with humanitarian work,’’ says Rami with unmistakable confidence emanating with the words. ‘’I decided I wanted to start a career path here. Three years on, I still want to do more.

‘’When you reach this stage, you think of how you want to develop and grow.’’

But what is so special about it?

‘’What attracted me is that you have a clear goal ahead of you- a humanitarian cause. You are not seeking profit. It is the belief that drives you on.’’

Having carried those words with him throughout his career, Rami moved up the Finance Department ladder, sure-footedly and with preparedness.

There must have been some hard work involved, some sweat broken.

But, according to Rami, this is only a tale half-told.

‘’In this [Finance] department we have special team spirit, what you call friendly environment. At any level, you are involved in the decision-making process to some extent. This can only empower and prepare you for the next step. I started to realise that when, in the second half of my first year, I took on the Officer role.’’

Away from work, Rami is not a very different person. Often described as a ‘calm and collected’ by his friends, he beams with enthusiasm when our chat shifts into personal hobbies.

‘’I am a movie addict,’’ he says. ‘’I have to watch a new release every week. But I also watch old movies.

‘’The last one I watched was The Founder; a biography of the man behind McDonald’s [Ray Kroc]. It was different to what I expected. I would give it 8.5 rating.’’

Rami, a faithful late-evening cinema-goer, goes beyond trailers and ratings when pondering what to watch next.

‘’I trust actors with a great career behind them. I read the plot but I also have favourite names; the likes of Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. They never disappoint.’’

‘’Two of my colleagues are big fans of Game of Thrones. They convinced me to start watching and I ended up finishing all seasons. We are all fans now, but with slightly different taste when it comes to favourite characters.’’

As we edge closer to the end of our conversation and the inevitable question of what the future hides approaches, Rami announces that he is almost certain that ‘’I will be a completely different person- just like the Rami of now is very different to the one who was five years ago.’’

‘’I have to be different because you can’t stay still. The mentality has to evolve and the personality evolves with it.’’

Photo source: Instagram

Interview: Ahmed Bayram, Save the Children

Photos: Nour Wahid, Save the Children