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Hi Jason,

Thanks for the articles (and Binge Mode).

What to do you think of the following theory for the GOT (ASOIAF) endgame:

  1. Jon is the Prince That Was Promised .
  2. Azor Ahai famously plunged his sword into his wife’s heart in order to forge Lightbringer during the Long Night.
  3. Jon and Dany, at some point, get married (a reach, I think — but not completely outlandish).
  4. The situation against the White Walkers becomes increasingly dire.
  5. Sam, after studying up at the Citadel, trundles up North and reports to Jon the famous legend of Azor Ahai, the prophecy about the Prince That Was Promised, and various other useful nuggets of information.
  6. Melisandre, who at this point has returned North, assiduously encourages Jon to fulfill his destiny and forge Lightbringer through the murder (or sacrifice) of his wife.
  7. The situation looking increasingly bleak, Jon entertains Melisandre’s proposal. Dany consents to sacrificing herself (hard to see, admittedly; but I’ve been trying to reconcile the PTWP prophecy and Dany’s House of Undying prophecy about three betrayals).
  8. Lightbringer is forged through Dany’s sacrifice. The Night King is defeated.

Wouldn’t that be, as GRRM has alluded to, a “bittersweet” ending?

There are holes in this theory, to be sure. It sounds too fan-fictioney. What about Dany’s three dragons? Should prophecy’s be taken at face value? Is Jon really the PTWP? Or is Dany?