Catholics barred from the Bible.

Ctholics are afraid to read the Bible because if they misinterpret it contrary to their Pope or Church,they get an anathema put on their head, (i.e), they are assigned to hell. This is according to Pope LeoXIII* There is a problem generated between these two Popes: Pope Benedict XVin his 1920en cy clical Letter spiritus paraclitus,\wrote; “Our one desire for all the Church he’s children is that being saturated with the Bible they may arrive at the all surpassing knowledge of Jesus Christ.” Wow! whAT true Christianwould not say a loud “Amen! to that? \But howcan you be saturated with the Bible and not interppret it by its’s grmmar, context, and vocabularly. That is imposible. Therefore any Catholic who reads the Bible takes a chance of misinterpreting it and landing in hell? Conclusion: don’t read it because it is all risk and no gain, and yet we are commanded by Paul o read it and iin``2 Timoththy 2:15 Paul wites to “Make maximum effort to show yourself appproved as “workmen” by doing careful “exegesis” of the Word of God. The Greek word means “ to interpret the words, context, and grammar.” It comes into English as “Orthopdic (i.e. straightening the teeth). If Pope Benedic and Pope Leo’s encyclical’s are not enouch to convince you of a

Pope Leo xiii, let’s look at Pope Pius XII IXencycklical Letter. He wrote: “To ignore the Scriptures is to ignore Christ.

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