Four Meetings That Could Have Been Emails
Jon E. H. Burton

Our socie ty is going down the tubes: profanity, shallow thinking, killing unborn babies (a million per year!). How many young couples cannot have babies (my son and his wife are among them). If we can build a space ship, why can’t we build nurseries for these babies to be provided to couples unable to givebirth? What is the difference with Hi tler killing millions of Geerman countrymen because they were not his s skin color, and couples killing millions of still-born babies? Many of t hem could be another Henry Ford, Edison, Billy Graham, Bill Gates. I was born in in Texas to a disfunctional family. My dad was an allcoholic and compulsive gambler. Mother was a Christian but not strong. They divorced wen I was 2. She took me up with a few belongings and moved to California where she became a beautician. Even tually we moved to Burbank where shehad herown shop. We lived in theback space. I went to public schools but quit in the 10thgrade and joined the US Navy. Just before my ship entered the war in Okinawa, another sailor led me to faith in Jesus Christ. That was May 8, 1945. Cigarets and profanirty dropped off lik a dirty shirt as I began a long ven tue in memorizing portions of the Bible. A year la ter was beginning my university career. In 1953, vollowing college, and serving as pastor, was hired by evangelist Dr. John Haggai to be his crusade director. After fove crisades (following the pattern of Billy Graham), he felt led tostarta missionary school in Singapore (now Haggai Institute). He recommended me tro Ted Engstrom, VP of World Vision where Ibecame the “Director of Development (professional fund-raiser). WV preferred ships to airplaines. During the next three years was able to assist the development of Foundation for Air Borne Relief which used hebig Air Fore C97s. As a finder’s fee for he fuding I was givewn enough money to obtain my ppilot ‘s license and became the founder of Mercy Airlift and Christian Pilots’s Association that allowed me to fly solo throughout the US building affiliated “wings.” We enlisted hundreds of other Christian pilots to fly missions on three continents, particularly America, Mexico, Guatamala, and Gutalajara. We built 100 bed hospital in Haiti, and immunized 18t,000 dhildren against the measles and polio epidemic in Africa. We enlisted 1000 pilots tofly missions of mercy. Many of them were captains of the airlines. They obtained “space-available” on those airlines to fly many tons of food and other relief supplies to needy people on three continents. Check “info” at Christian pilots Association on Google for other details and pictures. T Pal wrotte in Philippians 3:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me.” Find and need and fill i t.” That and our motto: “Attempt great things for God and expect great thing from God. For for ty of the past years, hyundreds of others banned together to accomplish great things. By faith we visied foundations, corporate heads, and wealthy individuals (two milionairs) and asked. If you don’t ask, you dont get“. but ”nothing is impossible with God pulling the strings.

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