From Summly to Silicon Valley: The teen who sold his app for $30 million
Danielle Newnham

your goal is to make $$, mine is to save souls.Money is the route of all evil. I do it by words, the words of God. They are magic words. Was Just reading about the dozens of souls Bill Clinton paid his goons to kill bethe

witnesses of his his crimes for a few bucks. Was it any different for Hitler killing 7,00,00 Jews and thousands of our shoulders or the Japanese killing 300,00 of our sailors at Pearl Harbor? or the sjuicide bombers of the twin t owes? on may 8th, 1945, I heard the magiic words of Jesus and he turned me into a saint:”My sheep hear my voice and I know them, and they follow me. I agive dthem eternal lifeand they shall never perish…” (john 10:19).The Bible calls that “being born again.” It’s a life-changing experience. one moment you have hate in you heart, as a killer. The next, love floods your heart for an ememy and you are “born again.” Civilization was built on love for our neighbor. A baby falls into a river and you jump in to save it. One day it is a pilot on a jumbo jet with 5 0,000 pounds of relief suppplies for the hungrgry and needy after the Guatemala earthquake in 1976 (me!