Barbie’s Dreamhouse gets Smart

No matter how old we get, we can relate to that moment of exhilaration we experience opening a new toy. And, thanks to Wi-Fi, kids have even more reason to get excited. The New York Toy Fair, which is essentially CES for kids, brings together all of the companies and products that kids love — though sadly and ironically it’s an industry-only event — to showcase the next wave of toys to hit store shelves. Perhaps the coolest toy on display this year was the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse by Mattel. Barbie’s new digs connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and parts of the house can be controlled through a dedicated mobile app. Welcome home!

Barbie Dreamhouse’s Wi-Fi lets it accept voice commands from kids for tasks such as flipping on the house lights to operating the elevator. But wait, there’s more! With the Barbie Dreamhouse there is also a “party mode” feature that will turn Barbie’s home into a high-tech, light-filled palace with music, perfect for a get-together with Ken, Stacie, Skipper and more.

Cisco Systems projects there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020, which means that the quality of Wi-Fi that we know and love today could be in jeopardy. To keep the party going for future generations, we need more spectrum for Wi-Fi so kids will be able to enjoy even more Wi-Fi connected toys.

So, if you love Wi-Fi and the happiness that toys like Barbie bring to children, please sign our petition to let policymakers know that you want more spectrum and Wi-Fi.

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