Chicago Cubs Hit a Grand Slam with Wrigley Field Wi-Fi

Source: Ron Cogswell

Cubs fans, here’s something else for you to celebrate! The Chicago Cubs recently announced their plan to install a high-density Wi-Fi network at Wrigley Field. “The current plan is to have high-density fan-facing Wi-Fi for the start of the 2018 season,” said Andrew McIntyre, Chicago Cubs vice president of technology.

The team will work with Extreme Networks on the project, called the 1060 Project. Extreme Networks is set to install more than 1,000 Wi-Fi access points throughout Wrigley Field and The Park, an open-air entertainment venue that will open later this year, right next to the ballpark.

This winning move is becoming increasingly common, as sports stadiums around the world set up Wi-Fi connectivity to keep fans happy and coming to games. As it turns out, fans don’t just have high expectations for their favorite teams — with more large, high-quality images and videos games circulating via smartphones, stadiums have to offer faster, more reliable Wi-Fi to support all of that data.

Demand for Wi-Fi is growing, both inside and outside of sports stadiums. Experts project that there will be 50 billion connections by 2020. That’s a lot of digital traffic! To deliver and meet the rising needs, it’s urgent that we get more unlicensed spectrum to support the various connected devices we know and love. More spectrum will stop us from overloading Wi-Fi networks and slowing them down.

We all have to keep our heads in the game, and urge policymakers, manufacturers, and innovators to work together to ensure that there is enough unlicensed spectrum for Wi-Fi fans. Much like dedicated Cubs supporters, we need to dedicate our efforts to making sure we have enough spectrum to keep Wi-Fi working.

With more access to unlicensed spectrum and Wi-Fi, everybody wins. Click here to step up to the plate and support Wi-Fi and the spectrum that keeps it going.