Clean your Home with Wi-Fi

Roombas, the popular vacuuming robot found in homes across America, just got a whole lot smarter. iRobot, the company behind Roombas, just added Wi-Fi and Alexa functionality to more of its beloved Roomba units.

Wi-Fi, and the unlicensed spectrum that makes it work, allows Roomba users to schedule cleanings remotely — so when you’ve had a long day at work or school and you’re running late, with one touch of a button you will know that you’ll at least be coming home to a clean house.

Source: Nathan Fertig

That’s a valuable peace of mind, and it’s just one of the many ways that Wi-Fi is improving lives. Wi-Fi access connects communities to one another, jumpstarts the job-seeking process, amplifies learning opportunities, and more. It’s no wonder that communities all around the nation are clamoring for faster, more reliable Wi-Fi..

However, delivering on more Wi-Fi means that we also need to deliver on more of the unlicensed spectrum that keeps this technology functioning. Policymakers, tech innovators, and wireless Internet equipment manufacturers need to work together to make sure that more unlicensed spectrum becomes — and stays — available, that technologies such as LTE-U stay out of Wi-Fi’s way, and that growing network traffic is managed effectively.

Innovating your Roomba is just the beginning. There’s no limit to the innovation that Wi-Fi can bring, as long as we have sufficient unlicensed spectrum. Click here to show your support for Wi-Fi and unlicensed spectrum.