R(amp) up the Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is helping Fender take guitar amps to the next level. Fender recently announced the newest version of its best-selling Mustang GT amp line. These amps imitate the sounds of other amps and effects. Thanks to Wi-Fi and unlicensed spectrum, they are also the first-ever amps that are, in the words of Fender head of digital technology Ethan Kapler, “going to get better over time.”

Source: Josiah Weiss

These sleek wireless amps use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet so that music lovers can access and use new style presets, updates, and features. Wi-Fi doesn’t just make these amps user-friendly — it also makes the amps innovation-friendly. The Fender team that designs the amp features use Wi-Fi to quickly send their changes directly to the amp. It’s fast and easy, freeing them to devote more of their time to building and adapting the music and audio technology of tomorrow.

That’s music to all of our ears, right? Well, awesome innovations like the Fender Mustang GT amps can only keep working and keep getting better if there’s enough unlicensed spectrum to go around.

If we want the beat to go on, policymakers need to work with public interest groups, manufacturers, and innovators to make sure that more unlicensed spectrum becomes open and available — and that it stays that way. They also need to ensure that technologies such as LTE-U stay out of Wi-Fi’s way, and that growing network traffic is managed effectively.

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