Ride On with Wi-Fi

This spring, the Ride On bus system in Montgomery County, Maryland — home to many policymakers — is rolling out Wi-Fi for passengers to enjoy. According to The Washington Post, Ride On is the first public bus system in the Washington D.C. region to offer Wi-Fi access.

Source: Flickr

The plan is to start with four buses this spring, expand the project to twelve more buses in the summer, and eventually install Wi-Fi access on the Ride On’s entire fleet of 365 buses, bringing the benefits of Wi-Fi to passengers from all over Montgomery County.

Maryland officials say that this Wi-Fi project will explore “the potential for technology to transform the ridership experience.” Wi-Fi, and the unlicensed spectrum that makes it work, helps passengers make the most of their ride — commute time can become productive time in which passengers can get ahead on work projects, catch up on emails, and communicate with friends and loved one.

Just like buses, which need enough navigable lanes on the road to get through that dreaded rush hour traffic, your Wi-Fi devices need sufficient unlicensed spectrum to get through rising digital traffic. As more and more people tap into the wonderful world of Wi-Fi, we will need to open up more unlicensed spectrum to avoid digital traffic jams.

Everyone — in the Washington D.C. region and across the country — should be able to access the benefits of Wi-Fi. Policymakers, manufacturers, and tech innovators need to work together to give more unlicensed spectrum the green light. That means, among other things, opening up more spectrum for unlicensed use.

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