Simplify Your Tax Filing With Wi-Fi

Bill the Wi-Fi Guy

The month of April is known for two things: showers that bring May flowers and the dreaded tax day. Like many of you, I, as a law-abiding citizen, have to get my taxes done (sooner rather than later, I might add). As a Wi-Fi advocate, I’d prefer to get them done using my tech savvy, which is where e-filing services like TurboTax and H&R Block come into play.

Bill the Wi-Fi Guy

Already in 2016, more than 82 of the 90 million Americans who have filed their taxes have used an e-filing service, and the deadline is not even upon us yet. Of those 82 million, 60 percent are accountants and other tax professionals taking advantage of online services. The other 40 percent are individuals choosing to go it alone, like me. A recent study found that 58 percent of U.S. households have access to Wi-Fi; meaning millions of connected Americans will join me in using the technology to file taxes this year.

E-filing is super easy. After connecting to Wi-Fi and taking a few security measures to ensure that my information was protected, I sped through the process — one that had caused me hours and hours of frustration in the past. It couldn’t have been more effortless or cost-effective. E-filing also reduces errors in tax returns, according to the IRS. Like millions across America, I didn’t need data-entry skills or tech prowess to get these forms done; I needed Wi-Fi (and the unlicensed spectrum where Wi-Fi operates).

Wi-Fi and unlicensed spectrum let us file our taxes quickly and painlessly through online services. They give both tax professionals and your average citizen access to e-filing services, and federal and state government websites the ability to submit returns online, saving precious time and environmental resources. So if you’re a techie like me, or a procrastinator, be sure to file your taxes online this year by no later than April 18.