Turn Fruit into Alcohol with the Wonders of Wi-Fi

Bill the Wi-Fi Guy

Bill the Wi-Fi Guy

Buy too much fruit from the grocery store and don’t know what to do with it? Transform it into an adult beverage! Alchema, a new project on Kickstarter, can help you do it. Thanks to the wonders of Wi-Fi you can use this swanky adult juicer to home-brew your favorite boozy drinks like cider, mead or wine.

So how does this magical machine help you turn fruit into booze? You simply download the application, sync Alchema’s dedicated Wi-Fi network with your home network, select a recipe of your choosing, and add the fruit (plus some yeast and sugar) using the built-in scale. And for those who don’t have time to sit around and wait for your alcohol to brew, Alchema’s sensors and alerts will keep you up to date throughout the process and notify you when your fruit has become a boozy treat. Wi-Fi FTW!

Not only is Alchema an example of how Wi-Fi and unlicensed spectrum make innovation possible, it’s also an important reminder about the Wi-Fi spectrum crunch. We need to do more to ensure we have enough spectrum for Wi-Fi so that emerging products like Alchema will not be stifled by congestion. Moreover, there are carrier technologies pending deployment that will substantially degrade Wi-Fi connectivity. We must be sure that appropriate sharing mechanisms are built into unlicensed technologies so they don’t negatively impact each other’s performance or area of coverage.

Join me now in protecting the Wi-Fi we love and getting the additional unlicensed spectrum we need for faster, more reliable Wi-Fi (and boozy drinks).

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