We’re Flipping for this Wi-Fi Device

Save Our WiFi
Jun 7, 2017 · 2 min read

Wi-Fi and unlicensed spectrum empower some of the newest and coolest devices on the market — devices like Flipp, a Kickstarter project offering a fast and nearly effortless way to control your music.

Flipp, The Verge recently reported, is a buttonless remote which uses Wi-Fi to connect to your speakers. The disc-like smart remote resembles a smooth stone about the size of your palm, with one black side and one white speckled side. Simple hand motions paired with the way you hold Flipp — the black side facing up or the white side facing up — allow you to play/pause your music, control music volume, skip songs, and skip playlists.

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Source: Flipp Kickstarter

Music lovers will no longer need to mess with their phones every time they want to change a songs, thanks to this Wi-Fi connected device. They can use Flipp to stay engaged in conversations as they switch or adjust their tunes, without missing a beat. Flipp’s lack of buttons also makes it an accessible device for older users, younger users, or users with limited manual dexterity.

Unlicensed spectrum makes awesome Wi-Fi devices like Flipp possible. With unlicensed spectrum, innovators have the freedom to dream, innovate, and build without the pinch of overregulation. If we want to keep benefitting from Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi devices of today and of tomorrow, we need to make sure that more unlicensed spectrum becomes — and stays — open and available.

Policymakers, innovators, and public interest groups need to work together create policies that ensure more spectrum access for future innovations, to keep digital traffic well-managed, and to stand up against potential interference from other technologies such as LTE-U.

More unlicensed spectrum would be music to our ears. Let’s make it happen — click here to show your support for Wi-Fi and unlicensed spectrum!

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