Wi-Fi by the Waves

Asbury Park, NJ is beachy keen on Wi-Fi! Officials from the Jersey Shore town recently announced new Wi-Fi access along Asbury Park’s beachfront and boardwalk.

Source: Sam Wheeler

“Our new wireless network brings much-desired connectivity to residents and visitors, giving them more freedom to enjoy our wonderful beaches,” Deputy Mayor Amy Quinn said in a press release.

“This Wi-Fi access,” Quinn continued, “means residents and visitors don’t have to choose between a day at the boardwalk and getting their work done — or keeping tabs on their favorite team.” Wi-Fi, and the unlicensed spectrum that makes it work, helps locals and tourists alike to connect to more ways to enjoy the beach — taking and sharing that perfect sandy selfie, identifying shells, or even checking work emails to maintain professional peace of mind. Wi-Fi helps you do it all.

Ashbury Park isn’t the only Jersey Shore town to invest in accessible Wi-Fi. Neighboring town Seaside Park set up shoreside Wi-Fi access in 2015. These towns are part of a growing trend — communities all around the country know that accessible Wi-Fi makes residents’ lives better. However, there won’t be enough Wi-Fi for everyone unless there is enough unlicensed spectrum to go around.

We’re all in the same boat when it comes to needing sufficient spectrum. Policymakers, public interest groups, and innovators need to work together to make sure that more spectrum becomes — and stays — open and available for Wi-Fi, to keep digital traffic flowing smoothly.

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