Wi-Fi Devices Delight at CES 2017

Wi-Fi and unlicensed spectrum are behind some of the hottest new tech products at CES 2017. Consumer electronics have never looked so good! Here are a few of our favorites:

Mymanu Clik

The Mymanu Clik puts the smart in smart earphones! Thanks to Wi-Fi, these earphones are wireless and are the first of their kind to offer live translation of foreign languages. You can have a conversation with anyone, and the Mymanu Clik will translate for you in real time. Customizable controls on an embedded touch sensor let you control your music, audio notifications from your phone, and more with just a touch, swipe, or press. That’s music to our ears!

The Hair Coach

Speaking of ears, have you heard about the new Wi-Fi hairbrush from L’Oreal? The Hair Coach is a water-resistant smart brush that listens for the sounds of breaking hair and vibrates if you brush your hair too hard. The brush uses Wi-Fi to share that data with you through an app. The app assesses your hair quality, keeps track of the effects of different hair routines, and recommends products for your hair. We knew that unlicensed spectrum and Wi-Fi were a beautiful means of getting online, but who knew that it could help you look beautiful, too?

AR3000 Series Smart Glasses

Sci-fi, meet Wi-Fi. The AR3000 are smart augmented reality glasses. The glasses use Wi-FI to connect with your phone for a truly hands-free mobile experience. You can check the weather, call a friend, watch a TV show, navigate your world, scroll through social media and more, all on your glasses! You can even reach out and “touch” virtual 3D objects. This may be seriously cool technology, but these smart glasses won’t make you look seriously dorky; at 2.0 mm thick, the AR3000 lenses look just like regular glasses lenses.

Smart Remote

It makes sense that the Smart Remote comes from a company named Sevenhugs — if you had this gorgeous universal remote, you’d want to hug the people who designed it. Smart Remote uses your Wi-Fi to work with any of your smart home devices. All you have to do is point it! You can change the channel, dim the lights, and adjust the thermostat all from one sleek remote. You can even order an Uber or a Lyft by pointing Smart Remote at your door, or check the weather by pointing Smart Remote at your window! If you ever wanted to have a magic wand, this is about as close as it gets.

Unlicensed spectrum is the magic behind all of these products. Innovators aren’t held back by strict regulation or complicated rules when they work with unlicensed spectrum, so they can focus on creating and developing Wi-Fi technologies like these and more. Freedom to innovate leads to more groundbreaking and creative Wi-Fi products for all of us to enjoy.

More available unlicensed spectrum and more awesome Wi-Fi products are within reach. Our policymakers need to work with innovators and manufacturers to make sure that there is enough unlicensed spectrum to support future technologies. They also need to make sure that the digital traffic from the billions of Wi-Fi devices in use today — and from the devices of tomorrow — is managed properly.

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