Wi-Fi Enabled Cameras Help Secure Your Home

Bill the Wi-Fi Guy

Bill the Wi-Fi Guy

These days, Wi-Fi is offering innovative features to help us get the most out of life. One such application is Wi-Fi enabled home security systems that help give me peace of mind when I’m away from the house, like the new line of three Wi-Fi enabled cameras recently announced by D-Link.

Have a package scheduled for delivery? A rambunctious new puppy finding endless ways to get into trouble? Kids coming home from school while you’re still at work? I know my family has a hundred reasons to monitor our home remotely and keep our kids safe. I’ll bet yours does too. What’s so great about these new D-Link cameras is that they can connect to your existing home Wi-Fi network, making setup a snap. No drilling holes for cabling, mounting brackets, or other messy installations. Trust me, my wife is thrilled! The cameras can show real-time updates, record footage, and even adjust their line-of-sight remotely.

Technologies like D-Link’s home security cameras highlight the continuous innovations in Wi-Fi. But, unless we want this pipeline of new products and services to dry up, we have to get serious about the unlicensed spectrum crunch. This problem only gets worse as more people, devices and businesses connect to wireless Internet networks.

We need to act now, before it’s too late.

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