Wi-Fi on Wheels for Dubuque Students

Thanks to Wi-Fi, students can keep learning after the school bell rings. Seven school buses in Dubuque, Iowa are now equipped with Wi-Fi, which means that students can now turn commute time into homework time.

Available Wi-Fi “gives them an opportunity to go online,” says Jeff Johll, principal of Roosevelt Middle School. That’s an opportunity that many students might not otherwise have. Johll says that he’s seen students take full advantage of that opportunity, doing everything from supplementing their learning by reading articles and stories to catching up on homework assignments.

“If we can give them access,” says Dubuque Community School District official Mike Cyze, and “allow them to tap into those resources, we see that as a positive for them to be able to, hopefully, eliminate coming home and having to do another hour or two of homework in the evening so that they can maximize that time that they have.”

Wi-Fi and the unlicensed spectrum that makes it work give these students the gift of access to information and the gift of time — more time to do their best on their schoolwork and more time to spend doing other things, such as bonding with family and friends, exploring new hobbies, or helping out in the community.

Unlicensed spectrum is the key to setting up Wi-Fi programs like this one. But to continue doing so, we need to make sure that there is enough unlicensed spectrum to go around, that the rising digital traffic is managed well, and that other technologies like LTE-U don’t get in the way of Wi-Fi’s ability to function properly.

Wi-Fi gives students in Dubuque, and in cities all around the country, more of what they need to succeed. Let’s make sure that we give Wi-Fi the unlicensed spectrum that it needs to succeed, too. Click here to give Wi-Fi and unlicensed spectrum your support!