Wi-Fi Within: New Wi-Fi Pill is Just what the Doctor Ordered

There’s a cool new Wi-Fi device out that’s good enough to eat — well, almost. Nature Biomedical Engineering just released a study about a new Wi-Fi-transmitting pill that, when swallowed, can easily share accurate health information with your doctor.

The Wi-Fi pill is the best way to measure your core body temperature. There are existing tools that measure body temperature externally, such as thermometers, but they don’t work very well. A recent study of 8,600 patients confirmed that mouth, armpit, and skin thermometers don’t exactly cut it. That’s a big deal, because an inaccurate measurement of your core temperature can put you at risk and complicate your medical care, especially if you have certain preconditions. Wi-Fi pill to the rescue!

Wi-Fi — and the unlicensed spectrum that makes Wi-Fi work — is upgrading the way that doctors and other healthcare professionals practice, keeping us healthier and improving our quality of life. Innovators across the country are working hard to build the next generation of Wi-Fi healthcare technology, but they can’t do it alone. Policymakers also need to step up and make sure that there’s sufficient access to the unlicensed spectrum that enables Wi-Fi!

Policymakers, tech innovators, and manufacturers all need to work together to keep digital traffic running smoothly and to push for effective spectrum sharing so that we can all benefit. Experts project that there will be 50 billion connections by 2020, which means that more spectrum is urgently needed or we run the risk of seriously overloading Wi-Fi, leading to slower connections and reduced reliability. Wi-Fi devices — like the new Wi-Fi pill and the devices, such as your smartphone and smart TV, that you already know and love — can only keep us healthy, entertained, and productive if we stand up for the unlicensed spectrum that keeps it all going.

When we work together and advocate for unlicensed spectrum and for Wi-Fi, we make more potentially life-saving technologies like the Wi-Fi pill possible. Click here to show your support for more unlicensed spectrum, Wi-Fi, and technological possibilities in healthcare and beyond.