The long road

I know it’s been a while since my last weekly report.

As I stated in that one, I am super busy doing stuff and since I missed yesterday I want to report today about what’s the plan and how life is going.

My (hopefully) last seven months start soon and I’m absolutely not looking forward to that.

It’s going to be really stressful and it will be seven very long months (especially because almost every single day of the week is going to be extremely long). I will use the time I have to get things prepared for my journey and maybe get a minijob just to get some pocket money.

It won’t be much but it will be just fine for the beginning.

At this very current state I can’t say if everything works out the way I want and planned but I’ll work on that for sure.

Since it’s more than a half year from now on I don’t quite think that much about that, however, I know the time will come.

I’m pretty sure though I’m going to be dealing with very mixed feelings whether it is the right decision or not and whether to just do it or leave it at all.

Well, I can say that happens often in life and this is a very unique chance I must not miss.

If I don’t do it I’m going to regret that for sure several years later.

I guess the best thing to do is to keep your goal always in sight and focus on that.

Just follow your dreams, work on them and eventually make them come true.

It takes strength, motivation, commitment and most importantly — passion.

If you work towards something you love you won’t regret all the blood, sweat and tears you shed and put into your very own life goal.

Keep being motivated, always. And just do what you want and love.

Until then, keep going.