Merge your home care agency with Savii Care software for the best outcome

Savii Care is an easy to use and integrated software platform to manage your agency’s home care needs and services.

Savii Care’s founder, Michelle Harper, has years of experience in the home care industry, and created Savii Care to be an all-encompassing solution for home care agencies. Our team has made sure that Savii Care would include the latest and most necessary technologies that could be integrated into any system. The software was developed to reduce an agency’s time in scheduling and arranging the service sessions.

When your agency switches to Savii Care you will gain access to all of our services including…

1- All software features including CRM, aide POC app, GPS & locations, timekeeping, automated billing and payroll, home care billing, and integrated clearinghouse.

2- The work that’s been weighing down on you day after day will be managed with the touch of a button. Savii Care can handle everything related to your job or agency’s business. The functional area coordinates client care and supports your patients’ needs.

3- Your agency’s referral management and support will now be a piece of cake. It works for both you’re the caregiver and your customers. Savii Care can add notes, track down the invested expenses and required metrics, and determine the ROI on the developing activities of your business.

4- Carefully coordinated caregiver’s schedules in one place. Savii Care will connect with caregivers and give them prior instructions regarding their service venue and tasks list. With the Savii Care software, organizations can assign shifts, see aides availability, and send shift instructions prior to the home visit.

5- Secure billing software for your home care agency 24/7. Savii Care works as an excellent home care billing software because it is easy yet secured through our back-office management. Apart from this, it is highly affordable and comes in zero hosting fees. It provides free sample test job and maintains upgraded tests.

We are able to give comprehensive services to your agency because we understand all the essential tasks you need to do everyday. Savii Care gives you the ability to keep families and employees in the loop while providing transparency. With all of the tools and services you need to support your agency, Savii Care gets you better and simpler solutions. It is beneficial for all the three parties, company, caregivers, and customers.

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